The right dining room lighting

May 28, 2023

Cozy lighting in the dining room: ideas and tips

For families with children, the dining room is a central place of exchange: this is where people eat, do handicrafts and play. The dining table is often the main venue for family life. This makes it all the more important to use cleverly selected light sources to comfortably illuminate the dining area and its surroundings. Read here how you can set the scene for your dining room with the right light. You can also find out why indirect lighting sets atmospheric accents in the dining room.

Setting the scene for the dining room with light sources

It is best if you have already made a forward-looking lighting design for your dining room before moving into your own four walls. Then there are enough sockets and power switches distributed throughout the room. If not, then you can have it touched up for ideal dining room lighting without much effort. To do this, you should first consider where exactly your dining table and, for example, the sideboard should be located and whether you might want to use wall lights as an indirect light source. After all, light is essential for a feel-good atmosphere at home, and light colour and brightness also play an important role.

The right mix for the ideal dining room lighting

The basis of the dining room lighting consists of a variety of ceiling spotlights, pendant lamps as well as table and wall lamps. Depending on your needs, you can hang the individual protagonists in the middle of the dining table or distribute them as ceiling washlights and table lamps in exposed places in your dining room.

Tip: With the help of a dimmer, their light intensity can be easily regulated. This creates indirect light zones at dusk and in the evening, which can be adapted to your personal needs at any time.

The ideal dining table lighting

A particularly harmonious overall picture is created when you match the shape, colour and material of your dining room lamp to your personal style of living. The solid wood table and chairs in Scandi look, for example, go well with simple pendant lamps in concrete look. Minimalist stainless steel rod lights, on the other hand, can be combined well with a modern glass table and leather swingers. The cool industrial style, around the wooden table and black metal chairs, is complemented by lamps in light bulb design. In any case, you will receive direct light from a dining room lamp of your choice at the dining table. It provides focused brightness at the dining area, e.g. when playing board games with your little ones.

Tip: The proportions of the lamp and table should always form a harmonious unit. If the lamp is too big, it can quickly become overwhelming. If it is too small, it visually disappears into the room.

What lamp above the dining table?

If you have a round dining table, do everything right with a round pendant lamp that you position centrally. It is the optimal lighting for this form of dining table: its zone light puts it in the spotlight. Alternatively, you can let pendant lamps float above the round table surface at different distances. With a rectangular dining table, on the other hand, it is a good idea to hang several pendant lights next to each other. Ideally, everyone shines downwards onto the table surface and bathes your set table and decoration in a friendly light. This creates a particularly inviting atmosphere.

Important: Choose dimmable pendant lights for dining tables, so you can set the desired degree of brightness individually.

How many dining room lamps should I hang?

How many lights you should place above your table depends largely on the size of the piece of furniture. A single-flame pendant lamp, for example, looks great above tables that are about 70 to 100 cm long. If you have a dining table that is 180 cm or larger, it is best to hang several pendant lights next to each other at equal intervals. It looks particularly harmonious if you opt for an odd number of luminaires when planning your dining room lighting.

How high should the lamp hang above my table?

The table top and lamp should have a height distance of 60 to 70 cm. This keeps the view of the guests unobstructed and the pendant lamp does not dazzle. Tip: There are also height-adjustable pendant lights. If you need spot light, for example to work, pull the lamp deeply. If you eat at the table, simply push them back up.

What color temperature should the bulbs have?

To make your home as comfortable as possible in the living and dining area, you should opt for basic lighting with subdued light. Lamps in warm white with a light colour between 2,700 and 3,000 Kelvin are perfect.

Tip: How many lumens make sense for your dining table depends on its area. Experts recommend about 700 lumens per square meter of table surface.

Doesn’t fit? These are alternatives to the pendant lamp

Is your dining table under a sloping roof or is there no power connection under the ceiling? Don’t worry! There are beautiful alternatives to the classic pendant lamp. How about an arc lamp, for example? All you need for these curved floor lamps is a power outlet and some space on the floor. Models with a narrow, high arch are particularly advantageous here.

Tip: Alternatively, brighten up your dining table with wall lights that have a long, extendable arm. They are simply attached to the wall and can be flexibly pulled over the table surface as required. Good design always knows how to help!

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